Measurably better
Respiratory Monitors


Wearable ultrasound to monitor breathing and prevent respiratory complications

Our target

adverse events

We've set out to reduce respiratory complications, a common, costly and dangerous healthcare emergency. We're building AyrFlo to provide clinicians with 10x better breathing monitors that improve patient safety.

The Technology

how it works

Our monitors combine breakthroughs in wearable ultrasound with advances in AI/ML, to enable fully-automated, continuous respiratory monitoring. AyrFlo delivers the full range of breathing metrics together with clinical insight.

Clinical Utility

Clinical settings

We're designing AyrFlo to complement clinical workflows in a range of hospital settings (ICU, SDU, and PACU) and to power a new generation of Hospital-at-Home programs with operator-independent and intelligent monitoring.


"an enormous stride forward"

We've spoken with clinicians across the country to learn about their experience with existing devices and to explore and understand what they need. Now, we're working to build the respiratory monitors they want to use with their patients.

About us


Founded by a UW anesthesiologist and two experienced healthtech entrepreneurs, AyrFlo is based in Madison, WI. Learn more about the team

Measurably Better
Respiratory Monitors

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AyrFlo CEO and co-founder Guelay Bilen-Rosas, MD is a double-boarded anesthesiologist and airway management expert with more than 20 years of clinical experience

AyrFlo co-founder David Van Sickle, PhD was formerly the CEO and co-founder of Propeller Health (acquired by ResMed in 2019 for $225M)

AyrFlo co-founder Jesse Waldron was formerly the CFO of Cricket Health ($2.4B merger with a division of Fresenius Medical Care) and former head of finance at Propeller Health