Measurably better
respiratory monitors

The Problem

Breathing deterioration is a silent killer in the hospital. Patients suffer breathing complications (respiratory failure) in the care of even the most experienced doctors and nurses, making it the #3 cause of death globally. Established diagnostic methods, such as pulse oximetry, detect respiratory failure at a late emergency stage, requiring human assessment and guesswork to fill a massive data gap.

the solution

AyrFlo is creating a wearable breathing monitoring
sensor, called SmartAyrpatch, to detect quantitative and real-time changes of breathing deterioration.
The self adhesive SmartAyrpatch adheres to the neck and communicates actionable patient-specific breathing changes to clinicians through AyrFlo's proprietary software.

The Impact

When a patient begins to struggle to breath after surgery, SmartAyrpatch provides clinicians with on-the-go comprehensive breathing data, enabling fast and accurate diagnosis and intervention. This reduces time to recovery, costly add-on tests, unplanned ICU admissions, and length of hospital stay.


Who we serve

SmartAyrpatch aligns incentives across patients, clinicians, hospitals, and insurance companies.Patients will feel safer, clinicians will have the power of data, hospitals will reduce costs, and insurance companies will see a significant reduction in unnecessary tests.


"an enormous stride forward"

We've spoken with clinicians across the country to learn about their experience with existing devices and to explore and understand what they need. Now, we're working to build the respiratory monitors they want to use with their patients.


AyrFlo is on a mission to eliminate preventable respiratory complications in patients after surgery with measurably better respiratory monitors.

Measurably Better
Respiratory Monitors

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AyrFlo CEO and co-founder Guelay Bilen-Rosas, MD is a double-boarded anesthesiologist and airway management expert with more than 20 years of clinical experience